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“Simply What Matters”


Living the “Aloha Spirit” is being Pono (aligned} mind, body, heart and Spirit. It expresses mutual regard and affection extending warmth in caring with no obligation in return. Aloha embraces differences and chooses an attitude of kindness. How does one create a life of overflowing Aloha?

Welcome to The Spirit of Aloha where all that we offer to you is in support of your quest for expansion and greater awareness. May the heart-oriented gifts of Aloha be yours as all that is shared here is touched by the beauty and grace of the islands. Aloha! Let us rise together to the cloudless blue sky fragranced with this beauty as you breathe in the true Spirit of Aloha.

Simply What Matters

To live with overflow one makes choices to live with clarity and trust. What is important to you? By making choices and taking responsibility even in the mysterious, one is not a victim and there is no one to blame. Living with the overflow of gratitude to include all of life’s lessons without exception is to live a life of love. In a life responding to ‘what simply matters’ one is inspired to share and use the resources of ones skills and talents. It becomes a direction of developing higher Spiritual values guided from within. The Aloha philosophy encourages us to deepen trust in our own inner guidance and taking responsibility for creating a life we love.

Let us rise together to the cloudless blue sky fragranced with this beauty as you breathe in the true Spirit of Aloha. How would you like to explore this ‘space’ this ‘state of mind and heart this ‘shift’ even without traveling to the islands?

Bring the gift of Aloha into your life

May you have grace in your steps, song in your hands & aloha in your heart!
Aloha is the taste of the island fragranced with something very tangible and felt as soon as your feet step upon the islands… the Hawaiian islands in the middle of so much live, churning and ever changing ocean!  One is stunned how ones perspective can shift with even a short visit. How would you like to explore this ‘space’ this ‘state of mind and heart’ this ‘shift’ even without traveling to the islands?

Aloha Spirited Lomi Lomi Kahiko

The Meaning of Aloha

Live Aloha – Spread Aloha!

It is life changing! Like a wave returning to the shore, sharing in the Spirit of Aloha can bring joy to one’s heart over and again. As you greet or part with ‘Aloha’, you express that you care and sincerely wish the other well.Live Aloha – Spread Aloha!


Aloha is in your breath in this here now.

It is natural, for it links goodness in everyone’s heart. It is a way of life that not only incorporates the Hawaiian philosophy but humanity’s depth of potential to the ‘more’ of that goodness. Aloha is in your breath in this here now. It is natural, for it links goodness in everyone’s heart. It is a way of life that not only incorporates the Hawaiian philosophy but humanity’s depth of potential to the ‘more’ of that goodness.

Just as the islands reminds us to extend our senses and to enjoy our bodies, it also reminds us to slow down to play and relax deeper. Explore and experience here many unique methods and tools influenced by the Spirit of Aloha. Methods deepening your meditation skills and your expression influencing and contributing to both your personal and professional life. The Aloha philosophy encourages us to deepen trust in our own inner guidance and taking responsibility for creating the life we love. Shall we connect?

2020 Class Offerings

Just as the islands reminds us to extend our senses and to enjoy our bodies, it also reminds us to slow down to play and relax deeper. Explore and experience here many unique methods and tools influenced by the Spirit of Aloha.

Methods deepening your meditation skills and your expression influencing and contributing to both your personal and professional life.


Dreamtime & Awakening to Pure Decadence!

Saturday: October 10, 2020, 3 – 4:30 PM PDT

The highest flower power of love is expressed through: ROSE! Experience new levels though breath techniques that will enhance and elevate as you breathe this Royal one into your body and learn ways of how to further bring it into your inspired life from dream time to waking! Techniques that will enhance your creativity and ‘interrupt less than resourceful thinking patterns will make use of NLP in rewiring your habits and strengthening your highest intentions.


The Brilliant Blend

Thursday: October 15, 2020 4 – 6 PM PDT

Explore the extensive product line. This blend has sanitizing abilities and by some, considered a disinfectant as well. I love to share with you the selection of what I feel to be so important at this time to use and keep on hand. It’s great that it is non-toxic and smells great as well! If you cant make this class and wish the info, let me know and I will send a link of the taped class to you. Enroll for this class by October 5th, and receive a valuable handout.


The King!

Wednesday: October 28, 2020 6 – 7:30 PM PDT

Why did the Royalty consider it more valuable than gold? Learn why science now confirms its powerful benefits in support of your health and well-being. (Future YouTube offering: 12 oils of Sacred Scripture) Enhance your experience in attending, consider: 5 mil Frankincense Vitality,  15 mil Frankincense or 5 Mil. Sacred Frankincense™  Enroll for this class by October 15, 2020 and receive an extensive and  valuable handout.



Now a globally accepted technique of ‘Clearing’. Learn how to return to gratitude and love

Series of 3 Zoom Classes, offered on Sunday afternoons or Wednesday evenings, Tuition $50

Sundays: Nov. 1, Nov. 8, & Nov. 15, 2020 2 PM – 3:30 PST

Wednesdays: Nov. 4, Nov. 11, & Nov. 18th 5:30 PM – 7 PM PST

Be blessed with the forgiveness clearing process of Ho’oponopono. Many say working with this method brings immediate life-changing healing! Clear your present body’s field as well as learn a method to use your sincere intention to help pray for your family, friends and ancestors as well. When one clears the web of the past, and of ‘stories’ that weighs our hearts and souls down, gratitude and love arises like a fragrance! One can have profound realizations about the nature of the reality they are creating. Essential oils will be used to help anchor ones awareness and enter deeper levels of trust, release and forgiveness.

TO ENROLL: Please go to calendar of the Unity Community of Central Oregon web site to register.

Notes: You do NOT need to be a member of Young Living or of Unity! There is a limit to the number of participants accepted. Partial scholarships are available. Contact Tarika Lea directly: 907-978-7161

HO’OPONOPONO IS A CLASS GROUNDED IN TARIKA LEA’S DIRECT EXPERIENCE as a result of her three year apprenticeship with Morrnah N. Simeona, Kahuna La’paau in 1969. Tarika Lea was Morrnah’s first apprentice and was introduced to the Ho’oponopono process privately. Morrnah was officially honored by the State of Hawaii as a national treasure. This, no doubt, was in part to acknowledge her enormous contribution in sharing her modern adaptation of this ancient practice used from her heritage as a Hawaiian healer. Her impression has left a deep influence on Tarika throughout her career in the healing arts. She currently is the founder and Education Director of the School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska offering continuing education classes out of state.

ORIGINAL MATERIAL This class will bring Tarika’s own insight of the process of Ho’oponopono incorporating the Hawaiian approach in establishing ‘right alignment’ (to be Pono). Through sharpening ones awareness of investments in our limiting stories and other meditative techniques one can directly and ever more easily come to the joyful states of gratitude and love.

WHY NOVEMBER 1st LAUNCH OF THESE CLASSES? Go deeper into your body’s ancestral memory! The timing of November 1st has traditionally been the honoring of all souls that have paved the way for our own evolution, their offspring. Through meditation techniques we have opportunities to learn of their contributions whether we know of them or not, they are literally in our blood!

Chair massage

Lea Chair Kata Massage Class

18 Hour Certificate, dates to be announced


• ‘Self-Care First Massage Practices’: Inspirations to get to ‘overflow’ authenticity, balanced and grounded.
• Preparation with the Ha Breath Meditation to stream more energy through your hands
• Use of breath techniques to sustain one’s energy and sensitivity
• Ways to respond to anatomical distortions and techniques you can use to assist
• Learn accurate pressure techniques and locations to include stretch & strengthening techniques while you work
• Use of thumb and hand assisted techniques from the Kata Massage Series™

The Yin of Touch Self Care 

16 Hour Certificate Class for Massage Therapists, dates to be announced

Principles that can make a difference in both your effectiveness and sensitivity
• Magnetic attraction of yin ways – the body comes to you Fluidity movement – effortlessly falling, using gravity
• The yin out breath Delighting in effortless letting go – no agenda – no insistence – allowing what is – expanding upon an eternal now where all dissolves
• Healing principal: Being parented inviting higher intelligence and being a vessel/channel – a flow through
• Use of nature’s law of momentum: rhythm, flow and focus
• Increasing ones intuition of sensitivity greater health and well being through clearing
• The place for pleasure in healing simple pleasures can lead to profound awakenings
• Meditations for clearing, grounding and developing Core Strengthening awareness


Private Sessions

Hawaiian Mat Massage™
Price of session:
$195 90-min
$235 120-min 

Receive from master teacher and massage therapist Tarika Lea .

Licensed in three states with over 50 years experience. This method is unique in that it is able to support the body’s center of gravity by efficiently balancing the dynamics of the hips. Working close to the ground the body rests into an expanded feeling as it finds its natural rhythm and full breath. Patterns formed by injury or misuse melt gently with integrative slow pulsing and rocking techniques addressing the trigger points and fascial systems that free.

Some say It is like riding the surface of a calm ocean and at the same time embracing the sky of expansion and sinking into the earth’s gift of groundedness. The joy of greater range of movement can be experienced after the very first session. Many pain patterns can also be resolved through the web of imbalanced posture and habits. Be surprised at how energetically alive the body can feel no matter what its starting point may be!


Meridian Raindrop
$215 90-min
Kama’aina special: $195 90-min

Private Sessions, at-home gathering classes & eventual on-line trainings.
Gentle Wind Meridian Raindrop – is the unique joining of traditions to include the Asian understanding of the energy streams of the body with the potency of a technique of applying 60 drops of therapeutic grade essential oils in a gentle layering technique followed by a warm moist compress.

Many have raved how their experience and the benefits received continues far beyond their session. Experience for yourself the subtleties of ingesting high frequency oils in the form of liquid herbs. In less than five minutes they are absorbed. In less than twenty they are distributed through the entire body. The last stage is that these high frequency oils do not accumulate in ones body and flush out within an hour! The amazing aspects of this ingestion is that unless the oils are still on ones clothing or skin the smell of their healing fragrances are simply gone. This leads me to believe after twenty years of working with them that the body says yes through the skin (considered the third kidney)

K9 Gentle Wind Meridian Raindrop & Massage
Private Session Includes Tips for the Caretakers
Location: Your home or facility $15 extra outside of 15-mile range. Price of a session, includes the use of 10 oils: $80. Only a massage session: $65
Time: Approximately one hour

Benefit Your Furry Family Member
They are sure to shower you with a thousand licks!

Another remarkable observation is that animals know these therapeutic oils to be beneficial. It has been my pleasure after so many years of massaging human bodies that I thrill to the uniqueness of massaging our canine companions. To add to their delight they love to be so thoroughly massaged.

The benefits of these oils simply adds that extra dimension of contribution to their health I cant resist but share. If you would like to participate in support to your loving companion; health consider learning these techniques of applications! I’ll throw in techniques of massage as a bonus.


Peace of Inner Freedom Sessions with Tarika Lea

Significantly Alter Your Perceptions and Awaken Your Potent Creative Self!

Clear and Clarify Values Experience Ho’oponopono alignment through clearing. To clear past. To clear. To be clear.

Support Choices & Directions Strengthen what best serves your heart being guided from within.

Develop & Grow Use highly effective life changing methods of stimulating your creative flows and abilities.

Learn The depth of your truth of being using Journaling skills prompted through Dew Drop Reflections Guided Journal. Also self-care supportive guidance, as well as bridging to others with skill.

Establish Nourishing habits learning how to anchor ones intention and connects to ones desired outcome.

Call/Text Tarika: 907-978-7161 to schedule your one-on-one Peace of Inner Freedom Session.

75-min, via phone $111
90-min, $165
Set of six 75-min sessions prepaid, $475

Call/Text Tarika: 907-978-7161

HOSTING: If you are interested in hosting Tarika in her offering various options can be arranged. Presently being arranged includes the Big Island of Hawaii, Alaska and Texas. 
Please call for details and Tarika’s availability potentials.

Tarika Lea

A True Pioneer Tarika Lea’s dedication to self-reliance has formed a base of capabilities. Perhaps that came from living in Alaska alone for two decades! Her philosophy has been that education in life sciences and meditation is pre-eminent. It has been a lifetime quest to cultivate and accelerate awareness on all levels, personally and professionally. Those who have benefited by her extensive offerings would agree that she is most certainly a pioneer fresh with insights, an inspiration to stimulate the fire within our belly to go forth into the unknown, uncharted.

The School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska The last fifty years in her profession in the healing arts has blossomed in establishing the first Alaska State authorized vocational massage school in 1992. It is still authorized to teach continuing education courses. Her courageous pioneering attitude is contagious as is her encouragement for developing a meditative life using a multitude of ways.

The Lea Method Her class offerings and personal sessions has benefited thousands. The Lea Method offers original hand-saving techniques in the Kata Massage Series™ and Hawaiian Mat Massage™ which has at its base highly valuable longevity keys for all massage therapists as well as those at all levels of practice. Ways to increase stamina through use of breath techniques as well as proper body and hand mechanics offers both safety and effectiveness. Her meditative approaches in navigating challenges into grounded changes are witnessed in her non-interference approach to therapy. Her studies have supported this wise approach. Those in her classes or take sessions with her are totally honored in ways that reveal their own best answers. With her intuitive skills she delights in the opportunity of reflecting accurately.

Highlights in her long list of accomplishments. Include designing self-care, practical methods within the techniques of massage. Though a ‘touch plus you’ system of awareness, strengthening and stretching techniques while giving sessions as well as the Keys to Longevity the art of touch is transformed.

The Hawaiian influence became foundational from her early apprenticeship of three years with Morrnah Simeona, Kahuna Lapa’au in 1969 on the island of Oahu. She has continued with deep roots of the extended studies of Huna. Participating in her offerings there is a distinct interweaving of wisdoms gleaned from the islands as well as the expanded views of the Eastern and Western pioneers that link body and mind. Her broad span of reach is ever present in all her offerings.

The Spirit of Aloha

The Hawaiian answer to dissention and indifference in both our individual lives as well as across the world can be found in the multilevel meanings within the word Aloha and its inspired use. Aloha is more than a greeting. It is a condition, a way of life, a mind set and an attitude expressing an over-all principle of love and care. Like many Hawaiian words it has many meanings. Consider cultivating Aloha in your own lives. The Spirit of Aloha is an attitude that offers a sharing of one’s being with openness, honesty and humility. As a way of being it reflects in how we make decisions and act. The resulting outcomes open interactions we may not have previously experienced. Living the Spirit of Aloha is a commitment to being authentic with one another, to being supportive to others and honoring who they are and what they have to offer. It’s Spiritual principles are foundational to how we can build stronger communities, with relatedness and communication. 

Call/Text Tarika: 907-978-7161  |  Email:

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